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Nature's Butterfly Kisses

Ultimate Gift Set

Ultimate Gift Set

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 Gift basket includes:  Foaming sugar coffee scrub, Foaming Charcoal Scrub, Foaming Brown sugar scrub, and Himalayan Salt and coffee scrub. 3oz of Lotion Bars, an unscented body butter, a Go- T Daddy Beard Oil and Beard Butter

The Sugar and Salt Scrubs speak for themselves indulge in the wonders of exfoliation as your body is reset with the removal of old dead skin.  100% natural oils added into the scrubs to give moisture back to your body.

Unscented Body Butter is your maintenance moisturizer to be used throughout the day as needed. 

Lotion Bars are the foundation of your post-bathing moisturizing routine, best used while the skin is still damp.

The Bead Oil and Beard Butter give the beard a fuller, hydrated, shiny, healthy and youthful glow

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